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About Aganita?

We @ Aganita have expertise in Simulation, good experience in casting processes and have fair understanding of the casting materials. With this we are able to understand your problems and propose methods how casting simulation can be adopted in your company.

We @ Aganita to solve the key technical problems faced by foundry and casting industries.

We have assisted several foundries and casters to implement successfully the casting simulation in their company and reap the benefits of investment with quick return on investment.

What do we do?

@ Aganita We specialise in computer simulation of casting processes. We Simulate all types of metal casting processes including sand casting, shell molding, investment casting, high pressure die casting (HPDC), low pressure die casting (LPDC), gravity die casting (GDC).

We deal with steel, ductile iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, lead, manganese castings.

Using state of the art casting simulation software we predict casting defects such shrinkage porosity, air entrapment, mis-run, cold shut, hot tear, distortions and warpage, etc. We also predict die life due to thermo-mechanical cycling (fatigue) and die wear.

Using simulation based results, we optimize the gating design/ methoding to eliminate casting defects, reduce rejections, increase yield and improve profitability. Contact us at casting@pro-sim.com

We help foundries:

To understand how casting defects such as shrinkage porosity, micro porosity, air entrapment, gas porosity, cold shut, hot tear, distortion / warpage, cold lap, misrun etc, are formed using casting simulation software ADSTEFAN.

Adstefan has capabilities for simulation of all casting processes including

  • Sand casting
  • Shell molding
  • Die casting
    • High pressure die casting (HPDC)
    • Low pressure die casting (LPDC)
    • Gravity die casting (GDC)
  • Investment casting
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Squeeze casting
  • Direct Chill (DC) casting

Adstefan can be used for simulation of casting of variety of materials including Ferrous alloys such as steels, cast iron, ADI, ductile iron, grey cast iron, and non-ferrous alloys such as Aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, lead, magnesium, nickel, titanium etc.

Once the casting defects arising out of a particular gating design and casting process are visualised, designer will explore multiple options to overcome the casting defects by modifications to the gating system.

This process of gating and process will be iterated till the optimisation of gating is achieved, without resorting to any physical pouring of metal in the plant, and by using computer simulation.

By this process of iterative evolution of gating design and process design on computer, we help metal casting companies to reduce their rejection, increase their yield.

Often in India, many foundries have invested in casting simulation software, without proper returns on investment. Many have failed to utilise the same for improving their profits.

At Aganita we have assisted our customers to properly implement the casting simulation software ADSTEFAN in their enterprise.