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Aganita ties up with M/S Tvarit, Frankfurt Germany, to provide Digital Solutions (IIoT / AI/ML based digital twin) to Die Casting Industries

Aganita has been providing computer simulation based solutions to casting industries. Aganita has partnership with M/S Hitachi, to provide customized solutions using thier casting simulation software ADSTEFAN. With expertise in casting simulation, Aganita has helped casting industries to reduce rejections, increase yield, optimize gating design, and increase productivity and profitability. Physics based modeling covering melt flow in die cavity, heat transfer and solidification, gives accurate picture of evolution of defects during casting process. Once such a physics based simulation model developed, the same can be used as a casting work bench simulate various changes in gating design, process design to optimize the system to eliminate the defects.

Tvarit, a high technology start up in Frankfurt has developed a digital twin for casting industries using IIoT-AI/ML modeling techniques. TiA, provides both predictive and prescriptive capabilities to reduce scrap, reduce energy consumption, and manage maintenance schedule of die casting equipment. Aganita and Tvarit together bring competencies to assist die casting industries to become competitive and profitable