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Casting Simulation

Problems faced by foundries and casting companies using conventional methoding/ process /gating design:

  • Repeated plant trials
  • Long delivery time (design to delivery)
  • Lower casting yield

Impact of conventional methoding / process / gating design:

  • Un-resolved casting defects
  • High Rejections
  • Low Yield
  • Lower Volumes per shift (than customer demand)
  • Low Profits

How Casting Simulation Software Helps Foundries and casters.

  • Reduces the number of plant trials
  • Assists the designers to predict the defects a priori (before melting and pouring in the plant)
  • Saves material, and energy used in trial and error.
  • Reduction of rejections in factory and at customer end

Impact of casting simulation on casting and foundry business

  • Increased turnaround time
  • Better use of plant facilities for production and revenue generation (rather than trial and error based development)
  • Saving in energy, inventory, and material handling costs
casting simulation software

How Aganita helps foundries to adopt casting simulation?

Aganita has expertise in

  • Metal Casting simulation
  • Casting processes
  • Materials

Aganita is partner of M/S Hitachi Japan, to promote and distribute their unique proprietary casting simulation software ADSTEFAN. ADSTEFAN has many unique features researched and developed at Hitachi Research Laboratories in collaboration with many universities in Japan.

Adstefan is developed by Prof Niyama (famous due to Niyama parameter!!) of Tohoku University.

By using ADSTEFAN software, Aganita has assisted several hundreds of foundries in India and abroad for:

  • Sand casting process simulation
  • Shell molding process simulation
  • Gravity die casting (GDC) process simulation
  • High pressure die casting (HPDC) process simulation
  • Low pressure die casting (LPDC) process simulation
  • Investment casting process simulation
  • Centrifugal casting process simulation
  • Tilt Pouring simulation
  • Squeeze casting/ rheo-casting process simulation

By computer simulation of casting process using ADSTEFAN, Aganita has delivered the following benefits to foundries / casting companies.

  • gating /methoding verification has been conducted.
  • Casting defects such as shrinkage porosity, air entrapment, hot tear, cold shut, distortion, die/ mold erosion, sand inclusion, etc have been predicted.
  • Casting defects prediction on computer allows user to look at different options of gating/ methoding modification
  • Gating / methoding optimization is achieved by using casting simulation software ADSTEFAN
  • Casting rejections are reduced
  • Casting yield is improved